electromagnetic/ GPR scanning

Excel Building Surveying Ltd have recently been commissioned to complete scanning at numerous sites. The first project was to determine the depth of concrete cover to reinforcement on a new slab extension to a carpark on the South coast. The client`s specification required minimum cover over 95% of the slab to be confirmed. Proceq GPR live radar scanning equipment was used in line scan mode to quickly complete >400m lin of scanning with Proceq Profoscope electromagnetic scanning equipment used to confirm cover at selected positions of interest. The second use of the Proceq GPR Live was to determine the position of underfloor heating pipework prior to cutting cores to determine the cause of defects to a sand/ cement screed on a ground bearing slab. The third project was a carpark in York where the Proceq GPR Live was used in line scan mode in order to quickly identify positions with relatively low cover for further investigation including half-cell testing, dust sampling and hydrostatic diamond core sampling. Hilti Ferroscan and Proceq GPR Live were used in conjunction in order to determine the reinforcement configuration within a portal framed warehouse in Edmonton. Scans were taken in order to avoid cutting reinforcement whilst completing hydrostatic diamond core cutting and to determine reinforcement positions prior to breaking out to minimise damage to the structure. Scans were also used to confirm the number of bars in long beams and columns. The Proceq Profoscope electromagnetic cover meter is used to measure the depth of concrete cover to reinforcement at all concrete dust sample positions on all projects. It is also helpful in locating positions of lowest cover for breakouts to enable connection with half-cell potential test equipment and locating wall ties for cavity wall surveys.

All bars >30mm cover satisfied the client brief



Excel Building Surveying personnel have over 15 years’ experience completing scanning from domestic properties, offices, rail and road bridges, carparks, schools and the like. 


Scan showing embedded plastic underfloor heating waterpipes enabling safe drilling


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