Borescope Inspections

Excel Building Surveying Ltd have recently been commissioned to complete a number of borescope inspections. The first included proving the presence of a subterranean constructed void beneath the apron of an international airport. A trial pit was constructed to enable access to the side of a post tensioned slab supporting beam. A small diameter core hole was then cut to approximately 1.2m to enable borescope access to the void beyond the beam. The resultant video footage confirmed the presence of a void which had been partially filled. The second involved completing an inspection of metal trough decking at a new-build leisure centre to confirm whether the troughs were dry. Borescope inspections were completed following drilling of several troughs. The presence of water was confirmed or refuted as expected by the results of thermal imaging camera inspection. Further borescope inspections were part of wider investigations into cavity construction at projects in London and Brighton where damp issues required confirmation of cavity construction and condition to confirm if the cavities were contributory to damp issues. The borescope has also been used in Bournemouth to determine whether balcony drainage had been lined and at a South coast housing estate where the condition of lintels and cavities was requested in order to inform future maintenance requirements.

Partial fill evident within airport subterranean void


 Excel Building Surveying personnel have over 15 years’ experience completing borescope inspections from domestic properties to London banks, offices, rail and road bridges, schools and the like 

Plastic lining to balcony proven by borescope inspection.


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