Cavity Inspections

Excel Building Surveying Ltd have recently been involved in a number of cavity inspections. The first included removing a number of brick samples to enable inspection of reinforced concrete lintels forming openings within Council housing stock. Results revealed extremely variable cavity condition with some areas full of blown insulation, some devoid of insulation. Some ties totally corroded, others in relatively good condition, cracked render finishes appearing worrisome whereas the lintels were found to be in reasonably good condition for their age. The second involved removing brickwork below external dpc level in order to investigate whether there were any cavity related features which may have been contributory to external brickwork cracking caused primarily by dessication of clay subsoil during last years hot weather. Further recent inspections of a number of multi-tenanted blocks in London revealed cavity construction to be non-contributory to damp problems. Inspection in all cases was completed by borescope (16mm diameter holes) and brick removal which was reinstated in appropriately gauged mortar. The borescope has also been used to inspect metal trough roofing which had been leaking since construction. Cold spots (investigation positions) had been highlighted by the surveyor using Flir thermal imaging camera equipment.

Clean cavity with no evident potential for moisture transfer



Excel Building Surveying personnel have over 15 years’ experience dealing with cavity issues ranging from small domestic flats to schools, new-build commercial floors and the like. 

Inspection within metal trough roofing showing dry trough.



Please feel free to call Paul Gatland on 07850 494947 to discuss in confidence any cavity issues you may have.