damp investigations

Excel Building Surveying Ltd have recently been involved in determining the cause of damp within 2no listed buildings on the South coast. The first included dry coring through internal brick dividing walls to confirm the construction form following the clients` installation of modern plasterwork, salt analysis of plaster, brickwork and mortar, relative humidity and temperature testing of the ambient and surface conditions using Protimeter Moisture Measurement (MMS2) damp testing equipment. The cause of peeling paintwork was determined to be the inappropriate use of modern plaster and paint on lime bonded brickwork in association with the installation of central heating which was attracting moisture through the wall. The other side of the dividing wall was covered with lime render and was apparently unaffected by the moisture condition of the brickwork. The second involved completing coring through a 2½ brick thick Victorian chapel wall to determine the construction form in order to rule out the presence of a cavity, excavating a small external trial pit to confirm the presence of granular fill below ground level. The cause of damp was assessed as being over-topping of the inadequate roof drainage in association with cracking to cementitious render which prevented water escaping externally. Moisture was being drawn inwards by capillary action and wicking driven by internal heating resulting in damaged plaster finishes. Further recent inspections of a number of multi-tenanted blocks in London revealed a litany of problems including plumbing defects, design related problems with internal bathrooms and inefficient extract ventilation, residents` lifestyle related issues such as drying clothes inside, lack of ventilation, furniture abutting walls etc.

Disrupted finishes on newly plastered brickwork



Excel Building Surveying personnel have over 15 years’ experience dealing with damp issues ranging from small domestic flats to schools, top London restaurants, nationally renowned aquariums, new-build commercial floors (shopping centres and factories) and the like. 

Cavity construction exposed suggested no features contributory to damp



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